Computer Multi-functional Quick, Slow Lumbar Traction System

Computer Multi-functional Quick, Slow Lumbar Traction System
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This product has been elaborately designed according to biomechanics principle and traditional chinese and western medical bone-setting principle.It has the functions such as forming angle traction,swing angle traction, longitudinal traction,these functions can be used individually, and you can also use them combined to conquer the sole function lack.Various curing parameter and actions are monitored by single-chip microcomputer,rotation coder,force sensor,all the program is automatically controlled by computer.

This product has functions of zero shift,forward-bending ,straightening back,rotation,traction force automatic compensation and so on. It has 8 traction modes including continuous,intermittent, reciprocating, pulse retraction and so on. The intermittent time counted by seconds, more exact and precision.

It is of the reasonable design,fine security and reliability,high precision,simple operation. The system has patient case record management, and it also can type the patient case record for convenience clinical application and research work.。

Cervical traction, left and right side swing, heat therapy, printer and computer dest are optional


Slow traction parameters:

Slow traction parameters:0~200mm   /   Swing angle:-25°~25°(adjustable)

Forming angle:-25°~10°(adjustable)   /   Total traction period:0~60min(adjustable)

Intermittint traction time:0~9min(adjustable)   /   Intermittint period:0~90S(adjustable)

Traction force:0~99kg(adjustable)


Cervical traction parameters:

Traction distance:≥240mm

Total traction time:0~60min(adjustable)

Traction time:0~9min(adjustable)

Intermittent time:0~90s(adjustable)

Traction force:0~30Kg(adjustable)



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